Do you like Road Games?

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I love road games.  Anytime I took trips with my family, I would always have a pack of paper and crayons or markers to play games.  My favorite game was seeing if I could spot license plates from every state, especially when we drove from one coast to the other.  I always wanted to see if I could find all 50 US States, never did.  I always thought Alaska and Hawaii would be the hardest to find too and boy was I wrong.  It seemed to be a state like Louisianna or one you would not expect.  We always played Road Bingo too.

Traveling something can get boring and it never fails, you always seem to hit roadblocks on your journeys.  Today, I have a game to play with you all if you want to play along on our journey.  Don’t let that roadblock stand in your way!!!!

I flipped through my dictionary and randomly picked a word with my eyes closed.  The word was “Prompt”.  Are you Prompt?  NOT ME, LOL.  So I took this word and here is the layout I came up with using this word.  Do you think this photo was appropriate for the word, LOL.

This is my dog.  When I thought of this word, of course I thought of what my dog is lacking. You may have seen him before.  Remember this photo of him I showed you all earlier?

Big and smelly.  Well he does bring us lots of laughs. And frustration.  And messes. And anything you can think of.  I have a whole album of him and his nuisance.  He is distructive:

Credits: All from Weeds and Wildflowers

Let me see your take on this word.  If you are up to it, create a layout using this word as your title. I even turned the word and definition into a wordart freebie you can download HERE.  You don’t have to use it.

If you create a layout with this word and include any Roadside Designs product, (template, any freebies, or parts of kits) your layout will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $5.00 Gift Certificate to the Roadside Designs Shoppe. Just be sure you post a link to your layout here in the comments.  You have till June15 to submit your layouts.

I am off now for the weekend, big party planned here at my house tomorrow night. I am looking forward to relaxing with friends and munching on good food.  Oh, BTW, I have been on a diet for the past 16 weeks and have lost 17 pounds as of yesterday!! ya Me!!! Boy do I feel good, but I still have 15 more to go.  So when I say I am looking forward to munching on good food, I really mean it, LOL.

Have a Fabulous Weekend and to all those of you in the USA, Happy Memorial Day!!!!

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  1. Thanks so much Suzanne and a big Congrats on the weight loss! I'm trying to do the same but only started with the exercise part so far.Keep up all the hard work !

  2. Thank you for the great WA. The LO challenge looks like so much fun and I hope I can do it; lots of life in the way here. I love the LOs you did of your dog! The newspaper one made me laugh out loud! People stared. Oh well…I needed the laugh! Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Oh…congrats on the weight loss! That is fantastic!

  4. This really is a challenge. Fantastic idea. Should be fun.

  5. Congrats Chocochoco!!!!You get a $5.00 Gift Card to my Store at Two Little pixels. Email me at Roadsidedesigns at yahoo dot com for your code!

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