Happy Mothers Day . . A Sale and Freebie

I am a mother. I know all that you take on when you become a mother.  What ever your story may be, I am so sure there is something similar I would have to share.  Being a mother can be happy, fun, loving, but can be frustrating too.  So in honor all of the mothers out there, I am having a sale on my “No Other Love” Kit and Template Album.

Create a custom memory album for the special mother in your life or create one for you to give to your children.  This 20 page 12 x 12 template album is an easy way to showcase your photos and journal your memories.  And this weekend it is only $5.60.  All elements show are included.

Throughout this weekend, you can pick up my my “No Other Love Kit” for only $3.50.

I have also put together a freebie for you!  Just stop by my facebook fan page and download this road map in honor of all mothers.

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  1. Thank you for this freebie. Happy mother's day to you too and for all your readers as well.

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