This past week, my oldest graduated from High School.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks with prom, end of school year activities, parties and graduation. It is over and she is moving on.

I posted this announcement on my personal facebook page, I received some funny remarks from long time friends who hadn’t seen my daughter since she was just little. One of my friends who responded was her babysitter when she was just 1.

When I first started down my digital scrapbook journey, my daughter was only 10.  One remark I received was from my longtime friend, Sharon Kenealy.  Most of you may know her and remember her as “ksharonk Designs” and former owner of Two Little Pixels.  Her comment really made laugh, really made me think of all the friends I have made with this hobby and most importantly, made me think of all the memories and layouts and journaling I now have.  So many stories told, so many moments captured.

Ok, so I should also add that it made me think how quickly time goes by, and really how old I am feeling!

 Credits: Announcement – Wonderful Life by Anita Designs available at {scrapflower} | Pool Babe – kit by Creshens at {scrapflower}, no longer available | Swimming Lessons – Aquarela by After Five Designs – No Longer Available


  1. That is such a beautiful graduation photo! Stunning!!
    My eldest turned 21 on the weekend. My mother walked up to me and asked “So do you feel old now?” Thanks Mum!! It is a busy time, isn’t it?! I put together a slideshow of 250 photos. Took me weeks (and most of my scrapping time!), but now the photos are organized and ready to complete that album I started for her but never quite finished!

    1. LOL, love your mom’s comment.

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