Life without the Internet

10 or more years ago, we didn’t think much of the internet. Life was a little different.  We used the postal mail to send someone a message or pay a bill.  We rented movies from our local video store.  We drove to the near by store to buy a new dress or a pair of shoes. Today, we do most of this on the internet. Can you seriously image now, living just a week without your connection? or what I would call my Life Line?

Well I did, and I did for 12 full days!!!! It was bad. Really bad. No internet, no home phone, and no T.V.  Back to reading a book or exercising our brains to find something else than playing or working on our computers. Or a paint project (more on that in another post).

I big storm came through Friday evening, June 29, and knocked everything out, including power.

We had several large trees just snap off at the top, blocking the road and bringing all our overhead lines down.

We even had car damage.  Two of our three cars were hit (mine was saved in the garage).

The white one is my husbands, still drivable, but the hatch is severally damaged and popped open from the roof being smashed.  My daughters is the one covered in the tarp.  It is pretty much a gonner.  Smashed back window, soaking wet inside, shattered front window, ripped off drivers side mirror, smash roof and luggage rack, and dents everywhere.

The insurance compnay came out, and totaled my daughters car, but we decided to keep the car, replace the windows and mirror and drive around with a dented roof and luggage rack.  It was that or no car.  So she got out and started the long process of cleaning out the glass which was everywhere.

After three days, we did get our power back on, but no internet or t.v. It wasn’t for another 9 days before we were connected back to the world.  It was the longest 12 days of my life!!!  My daughters car in now fixed and drivable and I am thrilled because now she isn’t driving mine.  We just have to get the other car fixed, that will be in the couple of weeks.

And this is why I have been so quiet lately . . .


  1. I feel your pain! Just over a year ago when we were living in FL a tornado took out our neighbor’s tree and it fell directly on both of our cars. My husband’s car suffered some dents and a busted windshield – which we had just replaced two weeks earlier! My daughter’s car took the brunt of the hit and the roof was caved in and both front and rear windshields were broken out. Her car was also totaled. My husband’s car was repaired and my daughter’s car had to be replaced. I’m just happy that the cars got it and not us. The tree fell less than four feet from the mobile home we were living in! I’m glad you finally got your internet back. I don’t know what I would do without mine! Luckily no one was hurt.

    1. Wow, sounds just like mine. I just glad our homes didn’t get damaged. Florida definitely gets its share of storms. Worse than we usually get here. I hear so much on the news of storms in Florida.

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