Chalk Art

Summer is a time to relax and slow your life down.  Seems as if my life is as busy as when the kids are in school.  When I lost my life line for 12 days (internet), I decided to tackle a project I have put off for way too long.  We have an spare room on the main floor of our house,  Kind of a dumping room for shoes, sports equipment, coats, the dog, a small round table for the kids to sit with their laptops, and everything else that clutters our lives.  It had old glossy dirty white walls with a pink heart border around the room about 3/4 down from the ceiling. It has been that way since we purchased the house in 1995. We own a 1950’s Cape Cod home.

Well with all that time I had without the internet I painted this old room. I talked my daughter in to scrapping off the old wall paper, and help me clean it up.  And I painted 3 walls a greenish gray with an accent wall in black chalk board paint.  Oh YES!  I have been wanting to do this for such a long time.  That creative side of me, the one that LOVES school supplies and new boxes of crayons, wanted a fun wall painted and so I did.  My husband was not too thrilled with the idea but I wanted it.  Well I started painting and I was so excited with the way the room was cleaning up and the splash of color in the room that I decide to make it my office.  OH BOY did I hear from !@!@?!@! from my kids.  They wanted it for their computers.  I stole the room from them.  No more kids room.

So I finished up, and brought up my office furniture and my beautiful I-MAC from the basement and set up my new creative space.  ahhhhhh I am lovin’ it.  Sure beats the dark cold basement.

And everyone has been having fun with the chalk wall, even my husband.  We are leaving on a road trip to take my daughter to college.  We are taking a little time to stop at Cedar Point for some Roller Coaster Ridin’.  I drew our road trip calendar on the chalk wall as a reminder of our upcoming trip.  Oh and I added a few more fun things too.  Through that door is my husbands office, lol (enter at your own risk).

(sorry for the poor pictures and the blown out window, but you get the idea)

I will back in a week and hope to finish up my new album.

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