My Unscripted Life

No new products today, but working hard on some great things to come.  Today I wanted to share my personal side with you.

My World Unscripted

I have tried numerous ways to document my life each day by taking a daily photo.  I have been trying each year since 2007 and each year I struggle and loose many days without a photo.  The 52 project works wonders for me as I always seem to get at least one a week.  I took my photos from 2007 and 2011 and created a 52 project.

This is 2007.  I used products from Designs by Leora.

This is 2011 using my Hwy 52 Maps.Hwy 52 set 2

In 2008, I tried blogging everything on wordpress and that was the biggest flop of all.  For 2009,  2010 and even 2011, I posted my life to flickr and noted each photo, but still missed many.  It works, but I still have to get it all in books.

Many years I considered giving it up just to release the stress of doing it.  YES, it stressed me out.  BUT I really don’t want to give this up because I go back and look at past years and it is really cool to see the photos of life I have captured.  SO This year I tried something a little bit different.  With all the PDA phones now, I set up a new blog on tumblr and now I take a photo with my crappy phone (but who cares because I have something) and upload it to tumblr.  I don’t have to come home, get on my computer, pull photos from every camera in the house (I would use several different cameras to capture photos depending on which camera I had or could find) and upload them.  I simply take a photo from anywhere I am and upload to tumblr.  If I miss days?  Oh well, not big deal. I have what I have.  When the year is over, I will print my entire tumbler blog to a pdf put them in a book and be Done!  Nothing fancy at all. BUT they will be done and printed and into a book.

And here it is, My World Unscripted.

p.s.  I get to order my new I-Phone October 1 so when I get it, my photos should be much better and the process easier as I have found my old dated android to be a problem sometimes.

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