I’m Suzanne and I’m a Digital Template Designer. I live in Northern Virginia, minutes from the center of the US politics in Washington D.C.  I have been here my whole life, even met my husband here, 23 years ago! Together we have a 19 yr old daughter draining us financially with an out of state university engineering education and a 13 yr old son who is lives in our basement in front of the Xbox.

So about me? I am a simple, easy-going person.  I have many loves in life besides my family – I love a clean house, although with teenagers, mine is a bit messy.  I love good photography, but can’t photograph to save my life so I get my daughter to do it.  I love paper of any kinds, wrapping paper, notebooks, and labels.  I love browsing small gift shops.  I love shopping for new school supplies and I love the look and smell of a new box of crayons.  It is just too bad my kids don’t use them anymore.  I love book stores and coffee shops (I work at Starbucks). I LOVE Disney, go every year to Disney World. I have to say, I love all things simple.




I started creating photo albums when I was a teenager, collecting photos and mementos from our trips and putting them in the old photo albums with sticky pages. You know, those forbidden acid eating albums.  My sister was the one who introduced me to paper scrapbooking in the summer of 1991 by creating my wedding album as a gift. I stumbled upon digital scrapping in December of 2005 and that was the end of paper scrapping.  I packaged up most my paper scrapping supplies and sold them on Ebay.

I have always had a love for designing, dabbling in web designs for many years working for a Local Real Estate Broker. I also designed brochures and pamphlets for home sales.  I am self-taught on my Mac with Photoshop and illustrator.  I am always browsing tutorials and taking classes to help improve my digital skills.






Roadside Designs was born in December, 2009 with a simple blog and free templates.  So where did the name come from?
I traveled a lot as a kid, driving across country most summers in my parents 1974 Winnebago Camper. I also traveled every winter to our vacation home in Vermont.  Traveling in our camper was always something we were doing along with playing road games, coloring, reading, taking photos, collecting travel mementos, helping my dad navigate, reading road signs for roadside stops, and picking out which campgrounds we would stay for the night. Road travel became such a familiar way of life for me.  So Roadside Designs naturally became a name that worked for me.




I have been on many teams before I began selling.  I have stepped down from most to pursue my designs, but I am currently still on the creative team with Weeds and Wildflowers.  In April, 2010, Sharon with KsharonK Designs found my free template blog and asked me to join Two Little Pixels, and in May, 2010, Roadside Designs Shoppe was open for business.  With the closing of Two Little Pixels in July of 2011, Roadside Designs relocated to CatScrap which was sold and reopened as {scrapflower}.  In December of 2012, due to yet another store closing, I once again moved and I now selling at One Story Down.  In January of 2013, I also opened up the Roadside Market, where products can be purchased at discount prices.





Using my designs with your photos will make your journey very easy. Each road map is designed so you can drop in your photos, digital papers, digital elements, and a little journaling for a completed page in minutes.

Test drive a free template.  Like me on Facebook.  If you ever want to ask me any questions or just want to talk?  Contact Me:  roadsidedesigns@yahoo.com