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Christmas . . . Day 25

Santa will be coming soon to our house, presents are all wrapped and under the tree.  Cookies are made and ready to eat with a full mug of milk.  I will be taking a few days off from posting to spend time with the family. Merry Christmas to everyone!  Goodnight! I found this posted in […]

Christmas . . . Day 24

Only one more day to go.  This post will be another quick one.  I had a great Birthday, came home from work and the kids had cleaned the house!!!! YES!!!!  Went out for family portraits, first in 4 years, and then to dinner.  Came home and had a cake made by the kids.  Watched a […]

25 Days of Christmas Album in the Shop and more

Did you miss a day or two of the 25 days of Christmas Album?  Well worry no more.  I have uploaded the entire album to my Shop and through the weekend you can get the whole album for only $4.00.  If you have been following my blog, I will be continuing my freebies through Christmas. […]

Christmas . . . Day 23

It is the 23rd and Happy Birthday to ME!!! Yes, I am a Christmas Baby.  Came home on Christmas Day.  Here I am with my two older sisters.  My first Christmas. When I left the hospital, they put me in a Christmas Stocking.  Here are my sisters trying to put me back in a year […]

Christmas . . . Day 22

I work at a bakery, Great Harvest Bakery, and for the last 3 days, I have been making gift sets and making bow, making gift sets and making bows, making more gift sets and making more bows.  I am kinda tired of making bows. Sad because I haven’t even wrapped my own gifts.  I have […]

Christmas . . . Day 21

Wow, the days are going quick.  Tonight, my daughter and I did some Christmas shopping. Went to the mall a bit, Old Navy and Target.  We spent most our time at Target. LOVE Target.  Bought our holiday jammies too.  Do you all buy new jammies for Christmas?  We do every year. I found great inspiration […]

Chrismtas . . . Day 20

Only 5 more days till Christmas.  Hope your still taking your photos?  I am. I got a pretty funny one tonight of my son all dressed up in the weirdest things, soccer stuff, motorcycle helmet, googles, knee and elbow pads. Really don’t know what was up with him. Here is your download for Day 20 […]