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Christmas . . . Day 19

It has been a long day with wrestling and it is now bedtime. Keep taking your photos!  Here is your download for Day 19 (no longer available).

Christmas . . . 18

Christmas is  very near.  I did get a bit more shopping done thanks to Amazon and their free shipping.  Oh do I love Amazon.  As I type this, I have a crew of teenagers over for a holiday party, cooking pizza, listening to music, making treats, and wearing their awful Christmas sweaters. I am hiding […]

Christmas . . . Day 17

My post will be quick tonight.  I am soooo very tired and I have to get up early for a soccer game.  Till tomorrow, here is your download for Day 17 (no longer available).

Christmas . . . Day 16

Today I was determined to get the tree decorated.  Geez it is the 15th.  So I did with the help of my daughter. When my son got back from wrestling practice, he put the star on top.  It turned out beautiful. Oh and did I tell you all?  I returned to Weight Watchers.  Last year […]

Christmas . . . Day 15

Half way through the month and 10 day till Christmas.  Are you ready? NOT!  I have been decorating the house tonight, being the only night without any sports practices.  This is the only night we can all sit down and have a dinner together.  So the house is ready, just need to decorate the tree. […]

Christmas . . . Day 14

Hope you all are keeping up with your photos!  I am and here’s more eye candy I found today. from tracy Thank you Tracy!!!!  Oh and don’t loose steam, keep chugging along because your doing a fabulous job and when it is over you will seriously be happy with your completed album and you’ll be […]

Christmas . . . Day 13

A little inspiration from my team: from Cheryl   from Mathilde: Day 13 Download (no longer available), enjoy.