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My Unscripted Life

No new products today, but working hard on some great things to come.  Today I wanted to share my personal side with you. My World Unscripted I have tried numerous ways to document my life each day by taking a daily photo.  I have been trying each year since 2007 and each year I struggle […]


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Chalk Art

Summer is a time to relax and slow your life down.  Seems as if my life is as busy as when the kids are in school.  When I lost my life line for 12 days (internet), I decided to tackle a project I have put off for way too long.  We have an spare room […]

Life without the Internet

10 or more years ago, we didn’t think much of the internet. Life was a little different.  We used the postal mail to send someone a message or pay a bill.  We rented movies from our local video store.  We drove to the near by store to buy a new dress or a pair of […]

The Story

Have you ever had one of those games where the opponents, on their turf, are just unfair, rough and you just want to throw in the towel and go home?  Well we had that a couple of years ago.  BUT our team played on and with great sportsmanship. We lost, but we learned a valuable […]


This past week, my oldest graduated from High School.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks with prom, end of school year activities, parties and graduation. It is over and she is moving on. I posted this announcement on my personal facebook page, I received some funny remarks from long time friends who hadn’t […]

Happy Mothers Day . . A Sale and Freebie

I am a mother. I know all that you take on when you become a mother.  What ever your story may be, I am so sure there is something similar I would have to share.  Being a mother can be happy, fun, loving, but can be frustrating too.  So in honor all of the mothers […]